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About Consulting

At MH Event Productions we are a one-stop-shop, à la carte event planning company. However, we understand that people don't always want, or need, a planner. This is why we offer hourly consulting not only for our event clients, but also to venues as well. We are here to educate and help whether it is to just look over contracts to make sure you are not forgetting anything the day of, to creating a production schedule, helping fellow event planners and organizations by taking a task or 2 off their plate, right down to consulting a venue that is in need of generating revenue in the off-season or is rebranding. We offer our services throughout the state of Minnesota and nationwide, in-person or virtually.


Event Consulting

Services include, but not limited to:

Reading over contracts (no legal advice)



Creating production schedules

Vendor research & coordination 

Advising on layouts & placements

Venue research

Styled shoots for promotional use

Strategic social media campaigns

Virtual assisting

Venue Consulting

Services include, but not limited to:


In-house events (peak & non-peak seasons)

Strategic social media campaigns

Interior decorating

Business development

Day to day operations

Vendor partnerships

Staging & styled shoots

Venue management


Virtual Consults

15 minutes via Zoom

Pick our brains for 15 minutes on anything event or venue related 

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